Concrete Scanning Radar

What can Concrete Penetrating Radar do for you?

Using the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to accurately locate rebar, post-tension cables, conduits any other embedded targets in concrete structures, our technicians can make sure that no damage is caused to any vital structural reinforcement.

With new build construction and renovation projects, the likelihood of needing to cut or core a concrete slab is high. This means there is an inherent risk of striking rebar, electrical and communications conduits, and post tension cables during the cutting, coring or drilling process. The cost of such mistakes can be high. Unreasonable constraints on already thin budgets can occur, as well as infusing havoc into your schedule and creating a safety hazard for your employees.

Call before you cut, drill or bore

Our concrete scanning service can “see” into the concrete and produce images similar to a x-ray. Our concrete scanning service can also detect voids within or underneath concrete slabs. This is a valuable service for engineers who need to analyze and assess appropriate remedial solutions for concrete structural defects.

Cutting or drilling through concrete can damage Post-Tensioned cables and compromise the structural integrity of the building. Our certified concrete scanning technicians can help a coring crew navigate through a slab without damaging any structural elements such as conduit, rebar, or Post-Tensioned cables.

We use the latest in concrete scanning radar technology, a safer alternative to X-Rays. Our specialized GPR equipment is coupled with computer technology to provide fast, reliable information on-site. We can help relocate cores to a more ideal location.